April 1st, 1998

Hi all,

Mystic is off at summer camp. That little flirt met a handsome young man, and wouldn’t you know it...she has gotten herself into trouble, in less than a week, no less. I tell you, these teenage girls. You just can’t trust them.

All kidding aside. Mystic was bred to Copper Generator for the first time on 4/3. We are very excited about the Copper/Mystic match. She will spend 3 months in Texas with the Feltners until we are sure she is safe in foal at least 90 days. Boy does her daddy have some work here at home to get done for her arrival back home. He is building a 100 x 105 paddock, with a house for her and baby about 12 x 24. I’m going to attempt to grow grass on it before she comes home. I know it won’t be enough to feed her, but at least it will keep the dust down.

Just wanted to let you all in on the latest on our wonder child. ... and who would have thought just a couple of months back everything looked so hopeless, and now there is renewed hope for our girl ... it was meant to be Hope everything is going well for y’all... especially those involved with the ‘show season’.... good luck to everyone... doesn’t look like we will be showing this year until late summer or early fall. ... details soon.

May 13th, 1998

Well Everyone,

We are proud to announce our daughter, Bad News' Mystic, & our new son-in-law, Starland's Copper Generator, are going to be proud parents in about 10 months. Mystic was confirmed by ultrasound today, May 13, 1998. Click here to see our new grandchild!

Starland's Copper Generator Bad News' Mystic
Starland's Copper Generator
Pride's Generator x Dark Beam's Lady O.
Bad News' Mystic
Coin Bad News x Bum's Elegant Lady

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